What Ingredients to Avoid in Foods and Snacks.

Reading food labels has become a top priority when finding the right food and snack. Many times we often think that because a food has natural, organic, non-gmo labeled on it that it is already deemed healthy because it carries these particular attributes. But often times because certain foods and snacks on the market are popular, we just assume that these snacks are healthy and ok to eat.

As a ingredient conscious shopper, I look at ingredients on EVERYTHING! From packaged meat, veggies, canned items, non-dairy milks, snack bars, and other packaged snacks, you never know what ingredient is going to be in your food. That’s why looking at the ingredients is first priority.

Now, the Nutrition Facts is important, but do you just look at the Facts without looking at the ingredients? As a rule of thumb, always look at the ingredients first to see if the food is worthy of buying. We can analyze all the proteins, carbs, sodiums, etc.. all we want, but if you ignore the ingredients, your food item could not be as healthy as you think it is.

First off, if there is a long laundry list of ingredients, most likely it will contain unhealthy and not good for you ingredients. So, what ingredients should you be AVOIDING?? Here are the main ones that I look out for.

In meats, avoid: BHA/BHT, Sodium Nitrates, High Fructose Corn Syrups, and Dextrose to name a few.

Did you know that some of the Turkey Sausages and Pork as well contain BHA/BHT? This is a preservative that has cancer causing properties. It can also be found in your pets food, so be on the look out for healthy ingredients in your pets food as well.

In snack foods, avoid: Glucose Syrup, Carmel colors, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sucralose, MSG (artificial flavor enhancer), Natural Flavors (made from a proprietary mixture of chemicals that’s not natural), Artificial Sweeteners, Partially Hydrogenated Oils, any of the dyes (i.e. Red 40),

These are just some of the ingredients we avoid all together. For further info, you can view more info on www.healthfinder.gov to gain more insight on what you should be avoiding.

Thanks for reading!

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