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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Before B’ Bites made it’s debut, I use to snack on other bars especially on the go and after a yoga class. Most of the time I only ate half of the bar saving the other half for later. The biggest dilemma of only eating half was making sure the empty wrapper half folded perfectly over the other uneaten bar half so that it would (A) help keep the air out of the bar so it wouldn’t harden and (B) hold the bar in it’s wrapper so it wasn’t all over my gym bag or purse. The other dilemma is forgetting about the uneaten bar half left in your purse or gym bag {insert girl emoji with hand on head!}.

B’ Bites was established late in November of 2013. We’ve been through a few package changes since then, but our first package for our small packs started out with clear packaging with a front and back label. Oh and by the way, I, yours truly labeled each pack front and back. This was a bit time consuming on my end, as this would take a few hours minimum to label. This was even more exhausting filling larger orders, because this meant more time labeling, but I gotta say, it was time well spent because if I hadn’t done the labeling, maybe I wouldn’t of thought about the minor details revealing on our packs today.

When I think about packaging, I think about convenience, easy storage, and portability. May of 2018 was the launch of our new packages and the elimination of the manual labor, I mean labeling! So the countless hours of labeling front and back gave me many hours to contemplate better packaging. Which leads me back to the days before B’ Bites debut of trying to preserve my uneaten snack, limit the mess, and not forget about the uneaten half.

The countless hours of label days are and have been officially over, yay! Our new packages are definitely convenient, definitely easy to store, and definitely portable. With our new packs, they feature a tear notch for easy opening and a zip seal for easy closing and storing. The days of storing in your gym bag or purse and worrying about a mess are over.

To order our wonderful bars, visit www.bbitesnacks.com

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