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Updated: Jan 17

Taking heavy meals all day long is not possible as our schedules are a bit tight to allow heavy and time-consuming meals. But the body hardly recognizes such excuses, it needs what it needs and that too on time. Nutritious snacking is always considered as a perfect alternative to heavy meals. At the end of the day, what matters is that your body is getting the desired amount of nutrients. Feasting on these on the go snacks would let your body absorb all that it needs every time you feel hunger pangs.

Dark chocolate walnut – A Quick Nutritional Grab

Snacking on dark chocolate walnut needs no special reason or occasion, from the natural crunch of walnuts to savoring the taste of cocoa, it renders a soul-soothing flavor. Dark chocolate walnut snacks ooze with nutty goodness, the benefits of walnuts when carried with a taste of cacao flavonoids make it a perfect healthy treat.

Taste And Health Altogether

Given with a soft and chewy texture, these cookies are quick grabs for all from grandchildren to grandparents. Laced with high nutrient value, it contains all that we should have, i.e., Potassium, Iron, Fiber, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Fat, and Protein, etc. A hint of Peppermint makes it a further appetizing snack. We offer these delicious bars in portable bags which can be zip locked to let it remain fresh every time you grab. This probably means that you can grab as much as you want saving the rest for later.

Our delicious snacks can be coupled with oatmeal, yogurt, coffee or smoothie to enhance the taste further. It will keep you filled with energy to remain jazzed up throughout the day.

Children can grab these delicious snacks during the evening, or one can feast on these snacks during office hours, or it can be served as cocktail snacks. Howsoever served, these snacks will remain delicious and easy to grab a treat. The snacks we serve are prepared with utmost care using the best raw material and are laced with qualities for vegetarians. Being Egg-Free, Soy-Free, preservative-free, refined sugar and oils free, gluten-free, Low Carbohydrate, these on the go snacks are loved by all.

You no longer need to resist your craving due to lack of time, grab our on the go snacks and remain appetized all day long with these extra fancy energy bars.

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